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    Legacy System Migration Services in India

    With the advancement in technology, businesses are facing challenges to avoid being obsolete. The current technology may meet your expectations but the continuous enhancements to the technology may make your current technology prove to be outdated in the longer run. However, we come up with a compact and just so easy solution to this challenge, which is none other than legacy system migration services or software migration.

    Zon Tec is a top IT Outsourcing company in India with years of experience in providing Legacy System Migration Services.

    Legacy system migration is the process of moving from the older operating system environment to the latest operating system environment. For example, we will move your current operating system, say Windows 2000 server to Windows 2012 server or windows 2016 Server. Enhancement to system environment is usually categorized as migration because it requires making sure that new features are added and enhanced, taking steps to ensure that current technology continues to work in the new system environment as well.

    Migration can involve moving to either the latest hardware or the latest software, or both. Migration can be of high-scale or small-scale. For example, it can be as big as redesigning your entire network or as small as just the up-gradation of your legacy system operating environment.

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    Our Professional Developers Have Exceptional Expertise in Following:


    We offer migrations from for operating systems, databases and languages in a very simple yet intuitive manner.


    We can replace your entire legacy system and re-package the applications as per your requirement.


    At times, you might need your legacy system to run on a different platform with no changes to the current application. The reason could be licensing or availability. Our expert technologist will make your system suitable to work on any system with no major changes to your legacy system.


    We can rebuild and transform your entire system to the latest technology, system and platform in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.

    Why Choose Zon Tec Solutions For Legacy System Migration?

    While legacy migration system includes the substitution of a current system, heritage modernization is the procedure whereby the interface of the current systems is moved up to more up to date developments, keeping the pith of the heritage system unblemished for a total change to a more up to date system with better business readiness.


    Legacy migration system and modernization solutions can run from:


    • Migrating the present system to more up to date forms of a similar platform (for example from ASP to .NET)
    • Supplanting the system with relevant off-the-rack applications
    • Redeveloping the systems; with current and easy to use upgrades
    • Development of supplement that can supplement the heritage system

    As you’d know, the legacy system migration can be an overwhelming undertaking and requires special ability. We comprehend that for a movement or modernization procedure to be powerful, a careful comprehension of the business forms is required as no two organizations are similar and similarly, no two legacy  systems migration or modernization methodologies can be the same.

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    Why believe in us?

    • We understand the requirements of your business or enterprise in context to the present scenario giving your business a competitive edge to evolve and expand to new horizons.


    • Our uncompromising devotion ensures that the solutions we develop minimize the ratio of your time to value for your investment when you need to make the most of your business and technology investments.


    • We are a team of highly skilled professionals who are not just talented and approachable but have a zeal to outperform all the time. We always seek to deliver the best-in-class services as it is never just about the role but is truly about the goal.

    While the entire world is moving to modernization every moment, why stay and continue to be a constant? Bang on our legacy modernization services and connect with us today!

    Why To Take Legacy Migration Services From Zon Tec Solutions

    It outsourcing Company In India
    100% Confidentiality Assured

    Zon Tec Solutions has a strict policy of 100% confidentiality and will never share access to any  unauthorized persons.

    Skilled & Experienced Developers

    We’re having a dedicated and highly-skilled team of developers who leave no stone unturned to satify the business needs of our clients around the globe.

    Easy & Seamless Communication

    Zon Tec Solutions professional team is available for answering all your questions that you have in mind regarding your project.

    24*7 Technical Support

    Customer support team of Zon Tec works 24/7 to help our clients and client can easily contact via Phone Call, Chat, Email or Video Conferencing.

    No Long Term Contract

    We offer the option to hire development team as per our client needs. As a result, our clients get the complete freedom to choose the option of their choice.

    Exceptional Quality

    Dedicated team of Zon Tec delivers the best outcome from their work without compromising on quality.

    Our Process


    We listen and ask the required questions to identify the client's needs and related expectations. Our experience and knowledge assist us to present the right strategy or solution to meet our client's needs.


    Design is not just about the looks, but it is about the user experience. We implement a design in a way to make the technology useful for the users.


    We help our clients to enjoy a competitive edge over their competitors. We perform thorough research and then develop functions as per the plan.


    We ensure product quality and smooth performed services to meet the requirements of our clients and to detect errors to maintain the product quality.

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